A Talk on Christian Science

Finding Trust in a Changing World,
By Lesley Pitts, CS

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What can we confidently depend on? Recognizing a loving, divine presence can bring the reliable stability and support needed for progress.

Hear Christian Science speaker and healer Lesley Pitts share examples of how a loving, divine presence — available to all — can bring the kind of reliable stability and support one can depend on.

It was during high school that the direction of my life changed. Although I was raised as a Christian Scientist, it wasn’t until I experienced the joy of helping someone during a youth club outing that I finally understood what it took to love unselfishly. This set me on a new path. I became aware that nursing qualities of willing service, patience, gentleness, and compassion were expressed all around me as I grew up and that I wanted to live them, too. They’ve woven themselves into every activity I’ve undertaken since then.  

For example, I served as a Christian Science nurse for more than 30 years, mostly in the United Kingdom. This work brought me to the United States to work at the Church’s Boston headquarters in the Christian Science Nursing Activities department. Later, I was part of the team that established The Mary Baker Eddy Library. My nursing qualities were put to good use in organizing and caring for its collections–shared with the public for the first time.  I served as Executive Manager and President of the Library for six years.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote the groundbreaking book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which explains Christian Science and how it opens the present applicability and healing message of the Bible. Working at the Library and becoming more familiar with Eddy’s remarkable accomplishments as the founder of a religious movement increased my desire to better practice Christian Science in my own life and help others through my healing practice.

Lack of trust in what used to be reliable sources or entities is common today, but I believe that trust in God is a stronger foundation to base our lives upon. The unusual career path I’ve pursued points to this trust. Relying upon a deeper relationship with God naturally helps us support each other, and to better our world. All of us can contribute in this way as we engage in a deeper relationship with our divine source.

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