Prayer That Heals

Testimonies of Healing

After my husband died, I felt alone and adrift. For many months there seemed to be a little cloud that followed me around wherever I went. A piece of my heart had been torn away. Every time I thought about my husband, Bob, even about happy times, I would remember that he wasn’t here with me. How could I ever get past this? Finally I got sick of feeling so upset all the time. I realized that I had to make a choice, either to wallow in these very negative feelings, or turn my thoughts in more positive channels. Although it wasn’t easy at first, every time I thought of Bob, instead of letting my mind spiral down into a pit of loss, I forced myself to think of something positive in my life and to give gratitude for it. I started thinking more about other people and how I might be a blessing to them. Every time I did this it got easier. I felt that a higher power was working along with me to pull me up to a sense of peace. After much practice and with a determination to have a fuller sense of life in the present, I can honestly say that I am able to think of my husband, to remember all of his good qualities and the wonderful times we had with a sense of joy. I know that he is going up higher in his spiritual life, and now I am as well.

A geometry final exam. How am I going to pass? Here it was, the end of my sophomore year in high school with only a few final exams to take before summer vacation. Although I was very good at algebra, geometry didn’t seem to come so easily for me. The first few questions on the final exam weren’t too bad. Then I came to a theorem which was to count for half of the grade on the test. I had no idea how to work out the problem. There were 45 minutes left until the end of the period when I would have to turn in my paper. Normally I would have been totally panicked, but for some reason I felt calm. I knew I couldn’t solve the problem, but also knew that there was a higher power that could. I put my hands in my lap and calmly began praying. As I felt the divine Mind take charge of my thinking, an idea came to me about one aspect of the theorem. I wrote that down. Again I put my hands in my lap and prayed. Then I got another idea. I wrote that down. So it went until I had solved the entire problem. I ended up with a B on the test and a greater sense of the divine presence with me.

One morning in the shower I noticed a small growth on my breast. For a couple of weeks I had been experiencing some minor pain in that breast, but had been silencing my fears. After seeing the growth, my first thought was panic. Although I had trouble quieting my mind, I knew that needed to do that if I was going to experience spiritual healing. For several months, through tears and fears, I kept declaring the truth of the presence of a higher power which I knew would show me the way to see that this growth and the attendant pain were no part of me since they had no part in the infinite goodness of the spiritual universe. I stopped looking at the growth since I realized that doing so gave it more power in my thought. The pain seemed to come and go, sometimes for weeks at a time. Finally, in the wee hours one night, a time when fears often came to taunt us, I awoke to a familiar sense of pain after almost two months had passed since the last episode. I thought, oh no, not again, and the fear flooded back in. Then the pain increased. Then the fear increased. Then the pain increased again. Suddenly I realized that the pain increased in direct proportion to my fear. That thought broke the mesmerism. I realized that Spirit was there releasing me from both my fear and the accompanying pain. It ceased immediately. I felt no need to look at my breast to see if the growth was gone since I was sure of the spiritual power that I had felt that night. About three weeks later I dropped the soap in the shower. As I bent to pick it up, I saw that the growth had completely disappeared. That was over 30 years ago, and there has been no recurrence. I am completely well, completely free.

Almost 90 years ago when I was growing up on a farm in Iowa, my family had a most wonderful proof of the presence of spiritual power to deliver us from dangerous weather conditions. At that time southwestern Iowa was experiencing numerous tornadoes. One day when my father was in the fields far from home, he saw a tornado heading straight for our house. Mother and I were in the house praying due to the severe weather outside, but had no idea that a tornado was bearing down on us. Meantime, dad had no way to alert us of the impending danger that he clearly saw. Dad did what was natural for him to do. He turned wholeheartedly in prayer to divine Love knowing that it would meet our need in that moment as it had so many times before. As he looked, the tornado got closer and closer to us. Then, inexplicitly, it split in two parts and passed on either side of the house. Mom and I were safe and the house untouched. When dad returned home the whole family rejoiced in the power of the divine Spirit which saved us that day.